Tibetan Wolves

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The Tibetan wolf' is a subspecies of the Gray wolf known by the scientific name Canus lupas chanco. This wolf is an amazing creature and is considered endangered because of poaching with is illegally hunting an animal. Poaching has killed over 33 percent of the population. This wolf also is one of the few animals that mate for life like people because in each pack only the alpha male and alpha female are aloud to mate up until the new alpha male is selected then the cycle repeats. God has created thee creatures with a thick durable coat to protect them in the winter and is one of the smallest wolves but can grow to a size of 58 to 65 inches.
In India, These wolves can be found in Ladakh region of northern Himalayas of Jammu and Kashmir. Wolves cover great distances in search of pray and they stay in small packs of 3 to 6.
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